Rules and Regulations

  1. Each match to consist of 6 rubbers.
  2. Each rubber to be best of 3 games to 21 points using the new scoring system.
  3. Each team to consist of either: 2 lady players and 2 men players (Mixed and Combination divisions) or 4 men players (Mens division).
  4. The order of play shall be:
    1. Mixed: Each mixed pair will play against each opposing pair for rubbers 1 to 4 and the final 2 rubbers will be played by swapping mixed pairings and each then playing one of the opposing swapped pairs.
    2. Combination: Each mixed pair will play against each opposing pair for rubbers 1 to 4, then rubber 5 will be Ladies then rubber 6 will be Mens.
    3. Mens: Each mens pair will play against each opposing pair for rubbers 1 to 4 and the final 2 rubbers will be played by swapping pairings and playing the opposing swapped pairs.
  5. The visiting pairs will play in strict rotation where only one court is used unless otherwise arranged by mutual consent of the 2 captains.
  6. Each team will play each other at home and away.
  7. Home team has the choice of shuttlecock.
  8. A player may play for 1 club only in any competition.
  9. Each rubber won equals 1 point (total of 6 points available).
    1. In the event of a walkover, 6 points will be awarded to the opposition. However this is to be avoided at all costs, as the principle is to complete all matches.
    2. In the event of a tie on points in the league, there will then be a countback on games, and, if necessary, individual game points.
  10. In addition to the team scoring, all players are ranked on an individual basis using their team match results and their ranking presented as an additional form of competition. Players will score ten points for every rubber won and will lose 10 points for every rubber lost, then additionally score ten points for every game won and will lose 10 points for every game lost, then additionally score the total points difference for every game played.
  11. In the event of a match date being changed, 2 alternative dates to be offered.
  12. Where a club enters more than 1 team in an event, the 1st team must be nominated and players may not play down.
    1. Once a 2nd team player has played up on more than 2 occasions, he will be ineligible for the 2nd team.
    2. If a 1st team player plays down into the club’s 2nd team, that pairing will score no points.
  13. Results cards to be fully completed by the both teams, including the full names of players, otherwise offending team will forfeit their points.
  14. The home team shall be responsible for submitting the results of each match using the on-line form on this web-site as soon as possible following the match.
  15. All matches to be completed by the end of May.
  16. In an effort to ensure all matches are played, clubs cancelling will be liable to reimburse the innocent club half of any unavoidable expenses incurred. In the event of a 'no show' team with no proven prior notice, the offending club will be responsible for the reimbursement of 100% of any unavoidable costs incurred by the innocent club.
  17. Where a club has 2 teams in the same division, the 1st and 2nd teams must nominate their players and the first 2 games at home and away must be played against each other.
  18. Subject to prior agreement between the captains of each team, any person appointed or requested to assist keeping the scores at any time during the match shall act solely in the capacity of score keeper and shall not act as umpire of adjudicator in any instance.
  19. Including 'knocking-up' time, wherever possible next match shall be started within 5 minutes of completion of the previous match.